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Automatic Intellegent Deodorising Bacteriostatic Cat Litter Box

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  • Build in Infrared : Build In Odor sensor: Automatic Induction :Intelligent deodorization and bacteriologist :Nebulizer :USB charging : 2300 mAH capacity fast battery charging in full by 2 hours . Mobile Application controlled and maintained :Shop from Ebay AU/ Amazon Au / Catch.com/ Facebook Shop


Automatic Intelligent Deodorizing Bacteriologist Cat Litter Box most latest innovative pet litter box design always guard your healthy and clean living space. The technological functions includes motion capture air monitoring and duel induction deodorization. It has built in magnetic suction of the cat litter shovel hangs from the outside of the litter box. A touch button to spray the deodorant factor. Applicable for the cat over 3 months old. The drawer sand design is adopted easily changes sand and shovel excrement convenient and quick. Enclosed space designed for cats privacy protection is close to a cats instinct. Cater to the jumping nature of cats, the design of tunnel access cater to the cat drill hole talent , guide the cat into the cat toilet.

Main Functions :

  • The main function of the cat litter box is auto odor removal, the differences on the prices are there is odor removal part or not.
  • For the odor removal function, there is odor sensor and infrared sensor, they can detect the air inside the litter box and release cleaning factor(plant essential

Main Features :

  • Drawer structure: easier for the cleaning and big space for the cat, no worry about the cat litter sand being taken out of the litter box.
  • Chargeable: 2300mAh battery, USB-c socket, fully charged in 2 hours
  •  Magnetic suction cat litter shovel: easy to place
  • Touch control: the display and deodorize function have touch control panel with inscribed pattern on the front clip
  • Safe and strong plastic material(PVC)
  • Long using time of the deodorant(3 months for a cat of 5 times/day)

Specifications :

Product Name Automatic Intelligent Deodorizing Bacteriologist Cat Litter Box mobile application enable.
Product Material Plastic
Single package size 44x49x53 CM . 5 kg
Product Includes Cat toilet main body, intelligent clean smell module, deodorant , charging line
Product Color Taft White, Crystal Powder , Serenity Blue

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