Cross-border wireless bluetooth audio subwoofer high-power outdoor portable microphone speaker home card speaker

15-25 days

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 12.

Product advantages:

1. Built-in 2 4inc speakers, output power 10W, subwoofer stereo, super dynamic sound quality, passionate!

2. Equipped with 1200mah powerful battery, continuous battery life for 6 hours, standby time over 120 hours, not afraid of outdoor use.

3. Comprehensive functions, can use Bluetooth playback, TF card playback, USB playback, AUX audio input, microphone connector, mobile phone holder, all available, suitable for all people.

4. The bass is adjustable, the smart chip guarantees good sound quality, strong stability, and the connection range of more than 10 meters is unconstrained. It can be connected to a microphone, listen to songs, and K songs can be switched freely, and dynamic music can be overwhelming!

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